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Music Lessons
Music LessonsMusic Lessons

Music Lessons

Band Class

Music LessonsThis 10-week course will focus on teaching the students the fundamentals of playing with other musicians in a band situation! Up to 6 students can join per class which will form a typical combo of drums, bass, guitar, keyboard & horn(s). There are different styles offered for band class including classic rock, modern rock, blues and jazz. Each class will concentrate on one style. The class will be 45 minutes in length and held once a week. At the end of the course there will be a performance held at Music Forte. There is a prerequisite for this course. Any student participating in band class must be taking private lessons either at music Forte or with another instructor during the length of this course.

The Ensemble Courses

Music LessonsThe ensemble courses will enable intermediate level students to perform with other students that play similar instruments. For example, guitar students will play with other guitar students and bass students, violin students with viola and cello, and so on. This is also a 45-minute class held once a week, for 10 weeks and will end with a performance. The prerequisite required for Band class also applies to the ensemble courses.

Group Lessons

Music LessonsGroup lessons are offered for beginner to intermediate level students that play the same instrument. This class will cover basic sight-reading, rhythm training and fundamental musical concepts in a group setting of 5 to 8 students. This is a fun, economical way to get familiar with an instrument. A 45 minute class held once a week for 10 weeks

Individual Lessons

Our highly Qualified staff teaches students of all ages, the rudiments of technique, improvisation, theory, sight-reading and ear training and can provide a wide variety of lesson styles. We offer private music instruction for students of all levels whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced musician.

Lesson rates are $95 per month
for one half-hour lesson per week

Please E-Mail us for a detailed lesson brochure.

Tuition Fees

One half hour private lesson
Can be scheduled same day
One half hour private lesson
One lesson scheduled the same time each week for the calendar month in advance
One half hour semi-private lesson
Scheduled the same time each week for the calendar month in advance
One hour Ensemble Class or Band Class
Scheduled the same time each week for the calendar month in advance
Group lessons, Ensembles & Band class -
60 minute lesson scheduled at the same
time for 10 weeks

Up to 6 students to a class
Performance at the end of session
Scheduled 2 weeks before session begins

Drum Lessons

Cancellation Policy
Missed lessons are not rescheduled or credited!

The monthly rate is discounted and the fifth week is given at no charge (5 week months only) to make up for any missed lessons

Drum Lessons

Music Lessons
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